donderdag 24 september 2009

My first habits that I want to implement

Today there are scientists that claim to be researching the field of happiness. I've looked at their research and am going to put it to the test for 8 months in my gap year. Most of the time it will be me implementing good habits and the contents of the habits will be the theory that I will put down here.

These are the habits I want to have:
- sport every day
- meditate every day
- write 3 things that I'm grateful of every day
- sleep healthy (this will be hard to do)
- eat and drink healthy (easy)
- read (eventually) 40 pages of an inspiring book every day

According to the research field called positive psychology - of which I watched an online Harvard course - the first 3 habits will make people more happy. In the past I've experimented with them already, but I never holded on long enough to create the habit. Except for eating and drinking healthy (most of the time).
The other 3 habits are just common sense to me that they will help me being more happy than I am without them.

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