donderdag 24 september 2009

A way to have less procastination

What can we take away from this in terms of procrastination?

Given that procrastination is a quintessential form of self-regulation failure, a key strategy to bolster self-regulatory strength to act on our intentions is to focus on our core values. This self-affirmation, as Schmeichel and Vohs have demonstrated, can fortify the self-concept and boost self-regulatory function. Of course, it will also simply make life more worth living. It will be your life, one deeply rooted in your sense of self. As Tillich writes, "Joy accompanies the self-affirmation of our essential being . . . Joy is the emotional expression of the courageous Yes to one's own true being" (p. 14)."

Qouted from the following article:

A few of my own core values are:
- curiousity
- creativity
- honesty
- integrity
- justice, while being aware that the world isn't fair and will never be 'perfectly equal'
- adventure
- looking everything from different angles/perspectives
- playfulness, sometimes I just can't be serious :-P
- spontaneity
- being pro-active (aka taking action instead of thinking too long about it)

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